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"Maturai Essence" by "Lanka Boutique" is an original Ceylon brand manufactured in Matara, at the heart of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

In the year 1681, Portuguese traders struck gold when they discovered the high quality Ceylon tea and various spices, that became hot commodities in Europe. The Portuguese mispronounced the city of Matora as "Maturai" and thus the insipiration for our brands name.

After three centuries, we are proud in bringing the same Ceylon products to your doorstep, but only much faster, in more varieties and in better packaging. Experience the essence of Maturai and we promise you won't be dissapointed.


Mlesna Ceylon Tea 30 Tea Bags in Individually foil wrap

The biggest range of tea you can imagine in a new original dispenser, nicely decorated and easy to use: thanks to the front bottom opening infact you can stack your favourite teas in your pantry and easily choose and take your filter tea from the dispenser!

In Mlesna dispenser, tea bags are single wrapped in a triple laminate foil envelope to preserve freshness and aroma for a long time after opening.

Aroma-safe Foil envelope are the best way to offer your tea range to guests and customers.

Mlesna tea bags are made out of totally bio-degradable Abaca fibre without any glue or metal for sealing, in order to preserve the purity of the infusion.

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